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No-till, Hand-trimmed, Organically-grown Cannabis Producer and Dispensary
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We do our best to update our available flower and clones menus daily. Please feel free to call our shop with any questions. We are open Monday-Saturday from 10-6. Our phone number is: 505-508-5910

Family-run cannabis dispensary

We are a boutique established in 2021 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, specializing in the organic production of cannabis and specialty plants.

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Grown in Organic lIving soil

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Supporting Local Careers

Hiring Practices


Our current practice is that each individual hired will most likely begin with the title “Trimmer.” Each employee spends time training with experienced trimmers, packagers, cultivators and retail personnel. If we are looking for a specific skill set, we will hire as needed. Every position within CFF is integral. Our three owners are on-site and involved.

Please email your resume with cover letter to or stop in and pick up our application from retail. 


We are New Mexico’s first integrated cannabis microbusiness.

Here’s our team:

Erika Hartwick Brown, Owner/Chief Operations Relations Officer
Erika Hartwick Brown, Owner/Chief Operations Relations Officer

Erika has been cultivating alongside her husband, Andrew, for over 12 years in their personal medical production. She has a strong administrative and customer relations background in both legal and non-profit sectors. Her ability to foster community and her dedication to creating a unique customer experience makes Carver Family Farm a warm and inclusive space for visitors.

Andrew Brown, Owner/Chief Cultivation Officer
Andrew Brown, Owner/Chief Cultivation Officer

Andrew began growing in 2010 for his personal medical cannabis use. After years of perfecting his trade and scientifically improving his cultivation process, he began consulting on large grow operations in the medical cannabis industry in New Mexico. Andrew served as the first headgrower for one of the largest local medical cannabis dispensaries, and is now proud to bring his expert knowledge of no-till, living soil, organic cultivation to his own family farm.